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My Wedding Season - The Podcast

Apr 12, 2023

Leslie is a brand & web designer for photographers based in Florida. She offers branding for the deeper, artful photographer who is ready to rebrand.

In this episode, Leslie talks about the process of doing a rebrand for a wedding photography business. Tune in to listen to all her insights!

Leslie has also come out with a ton of Branding Resources and Downloads for Photographers. For example, you can purchase the “Photographer’s Guide to Designing Your Own Website” and a “Photographer’s Guide to DIY-ing Your Branding”. The best part is, Leslie giving listeners of the podcast a 50% discount for the next 5 days, valid from April 12th - April 16th. Just use the code REBRAND50 at check-out! I don’t get a kickback - I just want you to get your hands on this amazing deal!

Show notes: Episode 48

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I will earn a commission from purchases made using my Pic-Time code. (I will not get a kick-back when you use Leslie Vega's code.)

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